HR Department for Rent

Until recently, reality was that small business owners had only one choice regarding HR.  They had to build their own department.  These departments are usually heavy in HR administration and basic HR tasks.  The business is usually left wanting more, but their self-made department is either short on hours or even know how.      .

Simply put, Magill HR is an HR department for rent.  We provide a higher-quality, more affordable HR solution compared to building an in-house HR department.  We are people-operations experts with tiered resources to provide simplified solutions for every level of problem.


Project Based HR

Project based HR is a term that Magill HR believes describes how HR can add value to a business.  Hiring, employee issues, and administration are what HR does day to day.  However, for HR to have an impact on a business, it must develop and execute needed programs/projects, in addition to the day to day work.  Magill HR believes that HR must have the ability to understand a business and always be on the lookout to solve business issues through people programs and projects.

The Relationship       

We build relationships with our Clients.  Since we find ourselves in the proverbial "foxhole" with our Clients when dealing with people issues, we quickly become an important part of the team.  Our experience finds that Human Resources is about 80% the same from company to company.  Understanding the other 20% is where we make the difference.  We take the time to understand a business and personalize our services to impact a culture and which in turn drive results.  We have the ability to scale our services to the needs of the Company and grow as the business grows.      


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